Traffic shaper queues do not appear on 2.1.5-amd64

  • hello all,

    I've just created a new pfSense 2.1.5-amd64 installation on a box with 3 network interfaces (LAN,WAN1,OPT1).
    I've restored the config that I had from another box, with version 2.1.5-i386.
    Restoration went successfully and everything is working ok, except of traffic shaping.

    Specifically I did the following:

    1. Removed traffic shaping totally from webgui. Firewall floating rules were also removed automatically.

    2. Ran Traffic shaper wizard again (single LAN multi WAN). Queues for each interface were created correctly on Firewall -> Traffic Shaper -> By interface.

    3. Floating rules were also created automatically on Firewall -> Rules -> Floating.

    But, on Status -> Queues nothing appears there. At the same time when this happens, I loose connectivity to the internet. I cannot ping or traceroute anywhere from LAN.
    If I ssh on pfsense box I can ping and traceroute correctly.
    If I remove the Traffic Shaper ,  everything comes to normal and I have internet access from LAN.

    I suspect that something went wrong when I restored config from previous pfsense box.

    I noticed on system -> logs: the following entry:

    php: /status_queues.php: XML error: no altqstats object found!

    Any idea how to "reset" traffic shaper without reconfiguring everything from scratch?

    thank you!

    Below follows some screenshots:


    Status -> Queues:

    Queues by interface:

    Floating Rules:

  • hello again,

    Forgot to mention that pfsense is virtualized on proxmox and all (3) interfaces are configured as virtio.
    On previous vm they were e1000.I just read the following post which looks similar to my setup:

    There someone mentions that:

    I suspect the vtnet (virtio) driver isn't ALTQ compatible

    and this bug as reference:

    The status there reports as: Solved

    Is it possible that this bug still affects my installation?


  • Yes, I was just going to volunteer that you won't see any queues if you don't have a NIC that is supported by ALTQ.  The fix seems to be targeted at 2.2 so I would think that it's definitely affecting you, based on the altqstats object error.

  • Ok… thank you for your confirmation.