Do 2 network will join

  • do lan 1 and lan 2 will join or can we play lan games

    thanks  ;D

  • If you allow traffic between the interfaces you should be able to play langames, however broadcasts won't get from one subnet to the other so you might need to manually tell the clients the IP of the gameserver in the other subnet to join a game.

  • i have 2 dsl connection and 10 computer if i will use lan 1 = for the 5 computer and lan 2 for 5 computer if i host a lan game in lan 2 and want the lan 1 computer to join how it will be done

  • Your game has to be able to specify the IP of a Server.
    ie. if you're in Halflife and you want to connect to a LAN server you have to add the IP of the local Server to your "favorites" list to be able to see it.
    –> broadcasts wont get over the router.

    In a thread i posted some c-code for a broadcast proxy (but for linux).
    I might need this feature (a broadcast proxy) too.
    If it is so far i will write a how-to how to do it (if i'll even be able to get it to work).

  • Maybe someone should ask why kyohisro is separating these 10 computers into two subnets at all.
    Playing games together makes me believe this is not a high security corporate network. Putting them in one subnet might free kyohisro from other hassle…
    Load-Balancing the two WANs can be done differently; the easiest might be by policy based WAN routing.

    Just my 0.02

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