Shaper Queue Problem?

  • In pfSense version 1.2 RC4:

    If I run the Shaper wizard, and ONLY setup an IP penalty on let's say
    then immediately delete any queue that was created excluding the qLan/WanRoot (parents) it completely removes the altq line in the rules.debug file of the queue referenced in the queue that got deleted.

    Confusing? - I delete qPenaltyUp whose parent queue is qwanRoot. Reloading the filters gives me errors, and examining the rules.debug file shows that the altq line for qwanRoot was removed. Further, now that I'm left with the ACK queues, and qPenaltyDown queue - I go ahead and edit the qPenaltyDown queue whose parent is qlanRoot to have a parent of qwanRoot. At this point, the rules.debug file shows a correct altq line for qwanRoot, but the qlanRoot line disappeared.

    I've been looking into fixing it, but it's a little chaotic tracking down where the process of modifying the original Root queues is taking place in such a simple process in the first place. I'm working on a mod and it won't be successful until I can figure out what's causing this issue.

  • crickets

    Nice. :\

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