Web interface down, barely routing, dns failures, etc

  • Came home today to a pfsense machine that I can ssh into, but web interface is down.  I can ping by IP from hosts inside the network to internet hosts by IP, and sometimes by DNS, so the pfsense machine is routing, at least a little.  Have done several reboots, still no web interface.  The shell hangs sometimes, although top shows a very low sysload.  I can ping the firewall, and it always comes back up after I reboot.  Still intermittent internet traffic at best, and no web interface to see what is going on.

    Anything immediately come to mind?  I am going to be hooking up a kb/monitor shortly.

  • Sounds like either your pfsense is seriously hosed or the computer you are using to access it is.  Not sure if a switch could cause this, but I'd direct connect to the pfsense to test.

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