Packages could not be installed when Internet only accessible over Proxy in LAN

  • Hallo,
    my Installation:
    Software 2.1.5, nanoBSD, 1GB , ALIX
    WAN: extern (no Internet Access)
    LAN: internal Network (no direct Internet Access)

    Intwernet accessible over Proxy in LAN Segment (on another Box)

    I've set the settings for Proxy Access in %boxip%/system_advanced_misc.php.
    Firmware Update works w/o problems.

    Package List is not available, no package download/install possible.

    I think the routine for package updates don't use the Proxy Settings.

    Anny suggestions?

  • Are you sure the package server is not down?

    I've been seeing this all morning:

    Nov  7 09:02:34 pfsense php-fpm[63555]: /pkg_mgr.php: XML_RPC_Client: Connection to RPC server                       failed. Operation timed out 103
    Nov  7 09:02:34 pfsense php-fpm[63555]: /pkg_mgr.php: XMLRPC communication error: Operation timed out

    Yet is reachable and responds to pings

  • The proxy setting for packages broke when we switched to HTTPS, that's since been fixed in 2.2. It hasn't been down at all.

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