Problem with a URL :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  • Dear,

    I have some trouble with my pfsense, i'm running the version 2.1.5-RELEASE (i386), and sometimes i cant access to a url, but the url is working, because i can access using my phone with the internet conexion 3G. But using the internet provided by pfsense it's doesn't work properly, sometimes i can access for half an hour, and then loses  the conection with that URL, is always the same URL, and that URL, i'm using for my VOIP phones.

    On the URL, i have a server that i use for voip GrandStream, it's registered by a dynamic dns.

    I don't know if you understand my problem.

    Hope you can help me.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    "I don't know if you understand my problem."

    Not really.. not able to access a url quite often is dns related.  What is the URL?  Is this some dynamic fqdn pointing to pfsense wan IP??

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