URGENT HELP NEEDED - IpSec - Windows to pfSense

  • Hi folks,

    I am stuck on that since two weeks, followed many online wizzard but nothing helps.

    I have a main site with a pfsense as default gateway. the local subnet is (this way dhcp will be able to adress more than 255 ip adresses). i may be wrong using this config, i don't know but locally it works just fine.

    I can connect the tunnel with Shrew Soft VPN Client.

    Sometimes, depending on wich subnet i configure the "mobile client" pfsense page, i can achive a ping from both side.

    At that point, only the site could browse the laptop, but the laptop cannot browse the site (but can ping the machine sharing files).

    I noticed that when connected to the pfsense box and having a "ipconfig" query, the tap adapter does not have an assigned "default gateway" (as seen on the ipconfig print screen. don't know if that means something.

    Can i have some guidance here to understand where i am wrong?

    This work is directly intended to help beluga whales concerned in the "Energy East pipeline project"

    The peoples are acutally using dropbox to share files and i want to change that to a secure vpn connection between thier laptop and the main site when they are on the road.

    Thanks for helping.

    ![default gateway.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/default gateway.png)
    ![default gateway.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/default gateway.png_thumb)

  • So, since everybody had a look at my post but nobody awnsered, i did my homework myself.

    I changed some settings around my subnet (now, i understand how subnetting works) and i can connect mobile devices to the vpn through the shrewsoft vpn client.

    Each mobile client can ping workstations located on the main site and each workstation can also ping back and browse mobile computers.

    BUT  mobile clients cannot browse or ping each others.

    Mobile client 1 cannot ping mobile client 2.

    Also, when using the PfSense ping utility located in the diagnostic tab, Pfsense cannot ping mobile clients.

    Maby there is something that need to be adjusted in routing or nating to connect the "mobile client subnet" with the subnet where workstations and pfsense belongs to.

    Some more pictures attached to explain the problem. if someone can help.



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