How do updates also update the underlying OS?

  • So if I install the full pfSense version on a hard drive (say 2.1.5) which is using FreeBSD 8.3, and I upgrade to pfSense 2.2 using the built-in firmware update tool (FreeBSD 10.1) I wonder how this also updates the underlying OS?

  • The upgrade has the new OS version files in it also, so it does a FreeBSD OS upgrade for you under the hood, as well as putting the necessary pfSense-specific binaries and PHP scripts… in place.
    On nanoBSD all that is expanded into the alternate boot slice, so it is not so much an upgrade as a new install that then sees and uses the old config.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The upgrade file is a tarball that contains all of the binaries and other files for the entire operating system along with pfSense.

    The new file is unpacked over the entire filesystem, then old/obsolete files are cleaned up, and other tasks are done, etc.

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