Current snapshot always throws a 503 or 500 for most actions

  • Hey team,

    I updated to the latest snap right now, but every time I want to change something in the system (e.g. install/delete package or just reboot), the website throws out a 503. When reloading the page it throws a 500. Only a reboot from the console helps. Also restarting webconfig via console doesn't fix it.

    Any ideas?


  • Not seeing that. Anything in /tmp/php_errors.txt? Anything related to PHP in the system log?

  • Tons of messages that it cannot connect to fpm socket (check_relaod_status). I was able to successfully delete a package, and with the next one I ran into 503 / 500. php error log is empty

  • Ok, restarting FPM via console (16) brings me back in the game and webconfig is accessible again.
    But can't reproduce it. Sometimes I can remove 3 packages, sometimes only 1 when the error occurs.

  • I removed every packages besides snort, ntopng and OpenVPN Export utility and now the error is gone.

  • What other packages did you have installed previously?

  • Freeadius2, bandwithd, iftop, proxy with mod_security.
    Will try one by one when I'm at work again.

  • If you could narrow down which one, it'd be appreciated. The cause is almost certainly something within one of those that hasn't been corrected for newer PHP versions.

  • Sorry, I can't reproduce it anymore. Did many tests with all related packages, also did a snapshot upgrade between it, nothing went wrong.