2xWAN using aDSL and modems idea/help.

  • ok I know that I can't use 2 WANs with PPoE… but what if...

    Let's say we got:
    1xLAN ------- LAN ------------------------
    1xWAN ----- aDSL modem 1 ---------
    1xWAN ----- aDSL modem 2 ---------

    both modems are in router mode. DHCP off.
    modem 1 has ip with DMZ set to
    modem 2 has ip with DMZ set to

    will this setup work?

  • Yep, it should.

  • that was a quick reply! ^_^ - thnx!

    and two n00b questions if possible! :P

    1. if one WAN has some internet ips how can I assign them to LAN clients?
    2. how can I route http traffic to WAN1 and all other to WAN2? :/

    sorry if the questions are too much to ask or/and in a wrong thread!

  • 1. Nat
    2. Check out the pdf in tutorials

  • I <3 u! ^_^