PFsense store / Netgate customized OS

  • If I purchase from Netgate or PFsense store can I install the regular PFsense and not the optimizied version? I want to make sure the version I get is full open source for security concerns, will regular PFsense work? Additionally is there a setup guide to make the regular PFsense optimized for those boxes such as FW-7551. I want to ensure there was no tampering in route.

  • There isn't anything not open source about the version that ships on the hardware we sell. Generally speaking, you can put a stock release on it, but you shouldn't. You'll just end up undoing the tuning specific to that hardware and potentially causing yourself grief up to and including the system not working at all.

  • For example, if the system requires any stuff in loader.conf.local for it to boot, then that is already provided in the NetGate image. Saves a bunch of messing about at the console, the NetGate firmware version starts first time on the corresponding NetGate-supplied hardware.
    Ref for loader.conf.local goodies:

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