PFsense Store Hardware Warranty

  • This is a dumb question and I apologize but I want to be sure. If the hardware warranty is only a year, PFsense software will still run on the hardware and the motherboard / NICS will be working in the future for many and many versions correct? I want to be able to buy this and not have to worry about a great firewall for the next 5 to 10 years and still get all the new versions and updates of the distribution.

  • That's only how long we'll resolve any hardware problems under warranty. It'll work indefinitely. At some point, current hardware generations will be obsolete, but with the specs of the hardware we sell today it'll be a number of years down the road.

    We don't practice forced obsolescence like a typical commercial firewall company, where you can't upgrade it after 3-5 years without there being any actual technical merit for that in many cases. We'll obsolete 32 bit sooner than later (maybe in 1-3 years), which will effectively EOL some systems, but mostly things that are over a decade old at that point. Everything we sell @ is 64 bit.

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