Nokia IP330 Installation Help

  • I've seen a few posts from people who say they have pfsense running on Nokia IP330's. I have one that I'd like to load pfsense on. Can someone direct me to a tutorial on installation on an IP330?

    Thanks, Bill

  • I think nearly every issue people have had with that device can be found here at the forum (just search). I don't think there is something like an installation guide yet but feel free to write one and send it in so we can publish it somewhere.

  • I've seen references to taking the disk drive out and putting it in another computer to load the drive. I guess I assume that means that the BIOS in the Nokia wouldn't know what to do with a CDROM drive daisy chained on the IDE cable?

    If I get this working I'll Ghost the drive.  ;)

    • Bill

  • I'll gladly point you to my brain fart if it helps!,4153


  • I run the embedded version on an IP330. I bought an IDE to compact flash adapter. It was as easy as flashing the image to the compact flash card, inserting it in the adapter, and turning on the IP330.

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