Upgrade package reinstall timing with webGUI

  • After an upgrade has completed, the system reboots, sets up the base system stuff (and the webGUI is available). Then it starts reinstalling all packages.
    Somewhere about this time, if I access the webGUI it can take me straight to the screen:

    Package: All packages will be reinstalled.
    Please confirm the action.

    or sometimes it starts showing me the output of the package reinstall that is in progress.
    So there is some confusion/timing thing between the console-based package reinstall that is in progress and what happens on the webGUI.
    Note that this happens as soon as the webGUI access attempt is made - no username password prompt - presumably it is using cached access token of some sort from prior to the reboot.
    If I leave it for a while and try again then I get the usual login screen, then dashboard with warning:

    Packages are currently being reinstalled in the background.
    Do not make changes in the GUI until this is complete.

    and all is well.

    This could be a bit disconcerting for new users who hit this doing upgrades. (I think it has behaved like this as long as I have been using pfSense - just wanted to report it, not a blocker issue!)

  • Just a add from me:

    When I update via console I saw every package being updated. Finally when update is finished I login via web and get your second message.
    I can wait for hours .. it won't go away. Only a second reboot "fixes" it ..

  • There seems to be some general issue in package reinstallation post-upgrade, it's one on my list to look at this week when time permits.

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