More VPN problems/questions

  • PIA is my VPN provider.

    Had some issues, worked them out.  Everything was fine for about 24 hours.  Woke up this morning and the internet was down.  pfsense showed the VPN as being down.  Restarted the OpenVPN service, no effect.  Ended up rebooting pfsense (wife had work stuff to do online and I couldn't troubleshoot further) and it came back up on its own.  Next time it happens I am going to check the log before I reboot.

    I am using the IP address for the PIA server as I have had (and read about) issues in the past with using the FQDN.  Have also read recently that other PIA users have been seeing issues with the service.

    Anything immediately come to mind?


  • Where are you located?

  • I am in AZ.  Using a PIA server in CA at the moment, was using east coast server up until a couple of days ago when my speeds REALLY started to drop…

  • Here is the thing.  Its hard to blame VPN providers for being the issue when ISPs do everything they can to break VPN.  Not saying thats the case with you, but with me, I'm glad I have my own servers because I would be seriously screwed if my VPN IP was well known.  100% for sure it would be blocked or throttled here in Asia.  I'm of the opinion that if you want reliable VPN, you need to stand up your own little server and use it just for you and 1 or 2 other people.  That way you don't tend to land on anyone's list of IPs to screw with.  Pfsense on both ends works well.

  • What do you mean by set up my own server?  Like lease some rack space at a colo, or rent a server and install pfsense on it?  Had not even thought of that.  Is it cost effective?

  • You could do that - ORRRRRR you could find a friend or relative who has a fast reliable connection that doesn't mind you VPN on it, make a present of a pfsense to them and have free VPN for life.  As far as the cost effectiveness, VPN that works is more cost effective than VPN that doesn't work or isn't reliable.  Pfsense makes a very reliable server.

  • Just wondering…  What speeds do you get through that PIA VPN on a good day?  On a bad day?  On a average day?

  • 140-150 down, 50-70 up directly attached to my cable modem, 100-120 down, 40-60 up behind pfsense.  Through the VPN, a good day is 60-70 down, an average day is 40-50 down, and I've seen it as low as 20 down depending on the server.

    All of the ISPs here have monthly quoatas, so sticking a relative with my family's internet use would be problematic, ha.

  • Yeah - I have my server side on unlimited fiber internet.  So my VPN is much faster than my connection here in Asia.  I get about 5/5 here but about 60/60 in the USA.
    Sorry to hear that.  I will tell you this though.  The USA doesn't have a such thing as a anonymous / private VPN service.  They all comply with requests for info from law/government (or pretty much anyone who asks).  They all keep records.  Not one is "private".

    So, don't get too hung up on the ubber private vpn claims.  Its all disinformation, misrepresentation or blatant lies.
    I would go so far as to say that VPN providers are probably considered one-stop-shopping for law/government etc.
    For sure you would be better off on a VPN server you set up yourself.

    Its not that I condone illegal activity.  Its just that I don't think EVERYTHING should be read to make sure its legal…

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