Two questions about FreeRadius2

  • Hello,

    I installed and configured the Freeradius package and it's great.

    Now I would like to give permissions to a particular group but the Webcfg does not allow me. Is there any way to do it?

    Also, is it possible to provide a separate page so the user itself can update/change the freeradius password?

    I'm using it to authenticate against Squid.


  • What kind of permissions are you talking about?
    Do you mean different groups should be allowed to visit different websites? then this isn't possible with freeradius.

    If you want to give users different times or dates to access the internet then this can be done by freeradius.

    Changeing the password using the users file on freeradius ist not possible until the user has access to the GUI. So you can try with SQL database as user backend and check these documentation:
    Captive Portal Self Registration.

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