Installation from USB Thumb Drive?

  • Hi,

    I have a box without any type of cd-rom in it that I'd like to use for pfsense. The box can boot from a USB drive but I don't see any type of Live-USB release.

    Is there a simple means to prep a usb drive for and use one as a Live-CD (which can later be used for hard-drive installation) ?

    Many thanks,

  • use physdiskwrite to write the embedded image to the thumbdrive. With the correct usb boot emulation you can run the complete system including holding config.xml from the thumbdrive.

  • Thanks, Hoba.

    Am I correct in assuming, then, that an equivalent operation would be:

    zcat pfsense-1.2-RC4-LiveCD-installer.iso.gz | dd of=/dev/sda bs=16k

    I had wondered if that's all it took or if I was going to have to do some other form of boot patching.


  • yes, the process is basically the same like when writing the image to a cf-card.

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