Firewallng 101 - What am I doing wrong?

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    First, I apologize for this simple question as it is probably the easiest fix ever on this forum. Sorry.

    It has nothing to do with pfSense. Just simple firewall mechanics.

    Ive thought about the FW being glitch but its just probably just me:

    This is a router (non pfSense) with a web GUI interface.

    I have this:

    Doesn't look that difficult? Now I want to block ONE IP from being able to access the web GUI:

    I add this (a local IP for testing). Once I apply it, none of my PCs on the network can access (or for that matter ping) that router's GUI.

    Here is setting up a rule:

    As you can see, standard, nothing strange:

    Mode: Allow or Deny
    Incoming Interface: WAN, LAN1, LAN2, and other options that don't apply in this case
    Outcoming: Same thing
    Source: Any or that rest ask me for a IP and a subnet
    Destination: Same thing
    Protocol: Any, TCP, UDP o ICMP. If I select TCP or UDP it asks me for a port.

    Im problably doing something (stupid) wrong so I apologize for my stupidity and ignorance before hand but I cannot seem for the life of me to get it to work properly. This is just a test but at the end of the day I only want certain static IP addresses (both private and public) to be able to access it

    Thank you

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    God I feel like a moron. instead of I was blocking the entire subnet.

    Damn it.

  • Sometimes you just need a wall to bounce your thoughts off of. Glad to have helped.  ;D

  • Been there done that!  ;D

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