Configuring HAproxy

  • Hi  :)

    Can someone point me in the direction of a guide on how to configure the HAproxy package ?

    Currently configured public address has a 1:1 NAT to an internal web server and I want to create a primary and secondary internal address for failover.

    pfSense firewall 2.1.5
    HAproxy-full 1.4.24

  • I'm afraid there are no guides for the pfSense haProxy gui that are really usefull..
    Anyway you should really consider using the haproxy 1.5 package. It has way more options than all 1.4 packages combined..
    If you find a bug, (there aren't any critical left that i know of), let me know..

    Create 1 backend for the 2 servers. Then create 1 frontend to listen on the desired port, and use the backend, and it should already start working.. Enable checking on the backend to have haproxy actually perform checks, and activate stats to see if backends are seen as 'up'.

    That should basically be enough to get started.

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