Lightsquid mac address

  • Hello,

    I would like displayed  in the lightsquid the log with mac address

    I started to put in configuration of proxy server in integrations```
    logformat logsquid %ts.%03tu %6tr %>eui %Ss/%03>Hs % <st %rm="" %ru="" %[un="" %sh="" %<a="" %mt[="" code]but="" there="" is="" always="" the="" ip="" address="" displayed="" in="" lightsquid="" log<br="">Thank for help.

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  • Anybody !?

  • Considering how Squid only logs the IP address information and LightSquid depend on Squid logs, where is the MAC address info supposed to come from???  From what I know, MAC address support was only in Squid from 3.2 on, and then only if you compiled it with ARP support or something like that.

  • Ah ok thank you for your answer.
    There is no package or something like that ?

  • Not in 2.1.x.  Try Squid3-dev in 2.2-BETA maybe.

  • Ok, thank you for answer

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