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  • I am trying to use the pfSense TFTP package as a replacement for a TFTPd32 instance running on another machine but I have run into a couple snags.  I installed the package and configured it, which seems to only consist of selecting the interface(s) that it will accept connections on.

    I successfully (so it said) copied a couple running-config files to the pfSense address via TFTP.  Here lies the 2 snags now, 1) I cannot see any files listed on the TFTP service page after having received two successful messages after copying running-config files there. 2) any more attempts to copy anything results in an error message "no space left on device".

    I'm not sure what the capabilities of this TFTP package are, but it may not suit my needs. I have dozens of switch configs and IOS files to store on a TFTP server.

    any ideas?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Is the system running pfSense a full install or NanoBSD? NanoBSD's drive would be kept read only and thus wouldn't be good for working as a receiver.

    Also I can't remember if the server on pfSense works the same, but often a file must exist first on the server before a client can upload and write it out. Try uploading something via the GUI with the same target name and then see if the upload from the device works.

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