Nvidia driver server ip's

  • Hi,

    I bought a new Nvidia GPU and I noticed its that "Nvidia Geforce Experience" software downloads latest drivers from an ip address like this : port:80

    For traffic shaping purposes, I made an alias for that network but I'm afraid this is not the only ip range for this. Same situation happened for Steam downloads which is solved partly in other thread. I'm wondering anyone has any information (ip ranges) on this subject.

    Ps. I was using AMD before.

  • Why not just target all port 80/443 traffic instead of by subnet?

  • Presumably wanting to bless web traffic while cursing driver downloads.

    I increasingly suspect that blessing anything is doomed on any network with users that are not you, as the torrent-crap will simply use whatever ports it finds open and use more of whatever one is faster when it's "you .vs. the torrent-user" rather than "you making your torrents not bother your own traffic." I might be a pessimist, but it matches what I've seen in trying to get my users a bit more under control the past week or so.

    So you make 80 and 443 blessed (except to this host) and the torrent traffic (except for your really olde-fashioned torrenters) happily moves there.

  • You are correct on torrents but I have a seperate torrent box at home (NAS computer) so I can direct its traffic to lowest priority queue by ip without a problem. I can advice everybody to do this.
    While it is easy to prioritize certain activities like voip and games to highest priority, it is becoming harder and harder to seperate traffic coming from port 80 generic servers. These include steam downloads and now this.
    So I created 3 seperate port80 queues. I'm trying to further prioritize certain web traffic from youtube,google etc. While doing this, I'm trying to deproritize port80 downloads to low priority port80 queue. But this isn't the best solution. It is still better than nothing.

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