Bandwithd package

  • hi good day,

    im very new, very very new to pfsense, im not the one who installed and configured it in our system however they gave me tasks to connect a database for a package installed in pfsense.

    The package is "bandwidthd" and i am currently trying to connect it to a database (runs on postgregsql). there's an instruction presented in GUI of the package however, i dont know where to locate this file "bandwidthd.conf" file because there are lines need to be added according to the instructions.

  • The file is auto-generated so any changes you make will get overwritten.

  • I guess you are referring to some of the instructions in the README file at
    Those are simply a straight copy of the README from another distribution of that stuff. Those instructions are not specifically modified for the way it works on pfSense.

    On pfSense, you send data to a database by filling out the relevant fields on the bandwidthd GUI settings page - like the attachment. No editing of conf file is needed, the package code writes that for you based on the GUI settings.

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