IPSec works between sites.. but not for PfSense

  • Hi!
    So basically, not a very complicated setup
    my PfSense VM works very well and has two network interfaces
    LAN :  => and the IP of pfsense is
    WAN : with its public IP

    I have two IPSec Site to Site setup .. :
    one to
    one to

    My problem is as follows: both site to site are perfectly fine , from i can access 192.168.0.X and 1.X .. and vice versa
    BUT… If i try to ping one of the devices that in 192.168.0.X .. actually the unit i wanna ping is from pfSense (Diagnostics menu => Ping and its default settings), it fails until i select the LAN interface instead of "default"

    This reflects on the whole pfsense system: I wanted to use Active directory (reachable at to authenticate my mobile VPN users etc but the pfSense VM wont speak to unless I create a route for going through

    So far that would be okay but when i create that route, then the hosts in can only reach and nothing else anymore.

    Any clue of what I might be doing wrong? I'd just like to be able to ping and communicate with devices on 192.168.0.X from my pfsense .. but i think when i try to reach 192.168.0.X from it, it doesnt use the right interface.

    Any ideas are welcome :)

    thanks a lot!

  • @cmb:


    Hi, thanks CMB .. Thats what I did as I think I explained .. :)

    So it doesnt really work because when I create the static routes, it works for my pfsense box and the Active Directory interfacing i want but the machines on the distant network  side cant use the VPN anymore

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