Migrate from NanoBSD to FreeBSD?

  • I am planning to eventually move away from the slightly underpowered single core atom based box currently running pfSense to a virtualized instance of pfSense 2.2 (hoping Hypver-V 2012 R2 works with 2.2 as Hyper-V is the only hypervisor solution currently that meets my somewhat strange needs here and the last thing I want to do is nest another hypervisor inside at this time) on an i5-4590 server.

    The current install is NanoBSD, can I expect any headaches when attempting to restore a configuration backup to a regular FreeBSD install of pfSense?

  • No, config file works across all versions. If you're using the serial console, you'll want to disable that for the VM.

  • Thank you for your reply, good to know I'm free to switch distribution types easily.

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