Mobile cant connect to active-sync/IMAP4 when on wifi

  • when i use my mobile with my home wifi i cant send/recieve but when i change it to use my mobile data i can recieve/send no problem using IMAP4 and active sync

    it was because when i connected to my home wifi it was trying to resolve the hostname and failing

    is there anyway round this so that i can use wifi?

  • Figure out why it's failing to resolve your mail server's hostname and fix it?  You haven't really given much in the way of detail, so any recommendations will be vague and limited.

  • figured it out!!

    it was because i have 2 (two) networks with 2 (two) DNS servers, one is my VM test network where i have exchange/domain controller on and that is connected to my other main network (one used by everyone in the house) via the pfsense firewall so all i had to do was add a dns entry to my pfsense firewall to resolve my active sync server name to my exchange server IP address and all my active sync mobile users can connect ie send/recieve



  • Glad to hear you got it working.

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