[SOLVED] Firewall/NAT setting breaks Radius

  • It may not be a bug, it may be a feature  ;D

    ( 8) )

    Just hoping to spare the next user an hour of his life when he runs into the same problem:

    While trying to solve a problem I fiddled with 1001 settings. Of course, without knowing what I was doing at all since I have declared myself the eternal noob on these matters  :P

    Next, my mobile gear could no longer connect to the WAP, which is set up as EAP/TLS.

    The firewall log showed default rule 3 blocking access from the WAP to pfSense:

    | Default deny rule IPv4 (@3) |   |   | UDP |

    It turned out either of these two settings were to blame (I don't have time to test further right now, just wanted to share here so it doesn't get lost in the garbage can that is called 'my brain'  ;D ):


    • Firewall optimization: set to 'conservative' at first, set back to 'normal'
    • Disable firewall scrub: was flagged, unflagged it again.

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