Pfsense and Lanner FW-8760B-VT1

  • Good afternoon!

    I've heard great things about pfsense and would like to try it out. Can I install it on a Lanner FW-8760B-VT1 ?

    Thank you in advance!!

  • IMHO the manufacturer would prob be the best source for that information.
    But pfSense is an operating system, it will not hurt just to try an install and
    see how it goes…

  • @Corsair05:

    Good afternoon!

    I've heard great things about pfsense and would like to try it out. Can I install it on a Lanner FW-8760B-VT1 ?

    Thank you in advance!!

    Yeah, should be fine.

  • Thanks!  :)

  • Just got one of those Vyatta 2600/Lanner  FW-8760X off ebay. What a deal huh. I wanted to try pfsense/nas4free visualization without skimping.

    For expansion we have a mini PCI slot which i just setup as Atheros N access point on pfSense nightly build with an Compex -N- card.

    2 GB RAM-i3-540-4GB-CF-8each Intel LAN.Socket-LGA1156.
    Passive cooled Dual Core 3.06ghz with three 4-pin server fans pulling.73W TDP

    Riser is the optional one with 2-each PCIe 4X slots

    There is also an expansion module slot.
    I wonder if that slot is standard PCIe or special??. It appears mechanically to be 8x. PCIe. I would like to slap a LSI SAS card(8xPCIe) in the chassis…I might experiment with an PCIe flexible riser cable to see if it is PCIe. I would like to find an Lanner 8800 expansion module...I see that the Sandy Bridge/Ivy version of the chassis uses the 8800 module as well.

    The internal motherboard is 9" wide by 14" deep. 24 pin atx. 80plus Power Supply.3.5 drive bay.

    Lanner really makes some nice gear.  I think 200 bucks for a new Intel Gen1 Core network rack appliance is a deal.

  • Just a followup. The expansion "Golden fingers" slot is indeed PCIe8x i have the LSI SAS card bios on bootup now. Playing with the fan control to tame the beast. 15,000rpm fans. Thermally controlling drops to only 7,500rpm. So pvwm is borked. Has value for 0-255 but description is in temperature(c or f ?). Anything outside of 40-80 sends the fan to full speed. Defiantly in need of a fan downgrade/upgrade… Fat chance of a bios upgrade as its OEM i bet...Vyatta is now brocade and the project is dead.

  • Netgate Administrator

    You may be able to use the bios from the standard fw-8760:
    Depends how much customising Vyatta ordered.


  • Thanks, would have done  that  already but Lanner requires registration for downloads. I guess it is worth it -before throwing money at the problem. It appears these use an early bios version.
    Fan section had both System Fan and CPU Fan settings and -Thermal Cruise Mode- or -Manual Mode- for fans and manual mode had no settings and ran 15K as well as the broken Thermal Cruise Mode which halved the speed to 8000K but no adjustability as i have seen on other 4 wire fans.

    Side note. Tried unsuccessfully to run a MiniPCI wireless-N card in this box on beta. All kinds of brands Mikrotik, Compex, Alpha, TPLink  and all were actually crashing pfSense. Maybe a power issue i dunno. Console was locked up at Atheros reset lock warning…..
    First box i haven't been able to get working natively.

    Same box -Slipped in a Mikrotik RB14eu (4mini-PCIe on a X4 PCIe card) And the first wireless AR9xxx card I tested worked fine.

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