Upgrade from nanobsd to full install

  • Hi,

    I'm currently running 2 nanobsd in master / slave mode. I would like to get the full install on the devices. I plan to remove the flashdisk of 4GB and replace it by a SSD disk of 60GB.
    What is the best way to perform this upgrade?

    I'm planing to do it this way:

    • backup the master
    • shutdown the slave
    • remove flashdisk, add SSD disk
    • full install on SSD disk
    • install packages
    • import backup
    • connect the device back

    Repeat the actions on master device. Is that correct?

    Thank you for your advices.

  • I'd import the backup, reboot, then reinstall any packages that didn't make it…

  • OK for adding the reboot and installing missing packages after the backup.
    Thank you very much.

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