PfSense 2.5.1 - How to load balance two DSL connections?

  • Hi everyone,

    What are the detailed steps of setting up load balance in load sharing mode (not fail-over mode)? I have two DSL connections that I want to load balance.


  • System->Routing, Groups
    Add a gateway group with WAN-A and WAN-B both at Tier1. (e.g. call it LoadBalance)
    On LAN add rules to match whatever traffic you want load-balanced. In the Advanced section of the rule, Gateeway - select the LoadBalance gateway group.

    Now the traffic is feed into the gateway group. As states are created they are round-robined between whichever WANs are up.

    And I see you are running a very advanced version of pfSense - 2.5.1 - what are all the new features that we will get in a few years?  ;)

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