2.2 Nov. 13 Snapshot NanoBSD VGA switch to RO after install crash

  • I decided to upgrade to 2.2 finally last night, everything went smoothly but I noticed it left the file system in RW mode after all was said and done.  As soon as I switched it to RO the web interface crashed and locked me out.  SSH and all services continued to work normally, but even using the option in the console to restart the web configurator wouldn't bring it back and had to do a reboot.

    I have not had the heart to try it again, has anybody else noticed a problem with 2.2 NanoBSD switching back and forth from RW and RO?

    Also I have a request, can we please add PKG support into the image by default?  It took forever to install PKG support after the fact.  Ideally it would be nice if common packages for scripts like CURL and XMLSTARLET were part of the image out of the box as well.

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