RRD Graphs for traffic shaping queues stop exactly every 48 hours

  • Anybody know why this is happening?

    Its always exactly every 48 hours that the RRD graphs for traffic shaping queues stop drawing. Turning off the RRD graphing backend and turning it back on returns its functionality.

  • All RRD graphing stops, or is it only the 'Queues' and 'Queue Drops' that stop?

  • Just the graphs for the traffic shaping queues. Everything else still functions.

    If I were to reset it right now, it would stop at the same time, exactly 2 days later.

    Enabling and disabling the RRD graphing backend successfully restarts the graphs.

    I might add that I am using PRIQ shaping with the following queues:

    7 - System queue (dns, dhcp, ntp, etc)
    6 - High priority queue (mostly acks)
    5 - Real time queue (gaming, VoIP, etc)
    4 - Web (http, https)
    3 - Streaming (rtp, rtsp)
    2 - Low priority (mostly unused)
    1 - Default catchall

  • That's strange … I tried looking at the queue updating code in /var/db/rrd/updaterrd.sh, but it made my head hurt.

    That file executes continuously, in a loop, generating rrd updates in one pass then sleeping 60s.  Since other rrd data is still generated, something in the queue updating paragraph is failing.  Take a look at it, maybe your shell scripting skills are better than mine and you can see what could be failing.

  • Yeah I was thinking that a workaround would be to schedule the graphing backend to disable and re-enable every 2 days to get around this.

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