IPsec failover main link come up not working.

  • How dose work with ipsec failover 2xWan link?

    I've created named failoveripsec group and adding wan1 to tire 1, wan2 to tire. and tricker level set to member down. and created ipsec setting interface to failoveripsec everything is ok a status is green.

    So when i try disconnect wan1 to testing failover. the wan2 is connect ipsec is green status look sound great. This's my a problem, when i try to connect wan1 comeback, a remote ip is change to wan1 but connection is not connect anymore. I've try to play connect vpn button but is doesn't work, ipsec log is not have any change maybe a racoon will sleeping in the afternoon.

    When I'am looking in SAD and SPD also used old ip of wan2. and then i restart racoon service and press the "connect vpn" again the connection is green again. Have anyone facing same my problem? or May I'am missing some a configuration?

    Note: I've enable "force ipsec reload on failover" = Not working.

    Have anyone have any ideas please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,
    did you find any suitable solution to your issue?

    I think I'm in the same situation (please see my post "Failover not working" in the IPSEC section), but since Ssptember I have not a single comment.  :(

    It seems nobody knows about this problem, except we two.

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