HAVP, SQUID, SQUIDGARD - allow streaming from iplayer, 4od, ITV Player etc

  • Hi,

    I have an XTM505 Watchguard Firebox running the full (not NanoBSD) install of pfSense. I've got the above packages running and all seemed fine earlier in week.

    However when trying to stream from TV / laptop sites such as 4od, iPlayer and Napster via my Squeezebox all dies a death without an ability to connect.

    Squid runs as a transparent proxy, so I would presume that internet connectivity would be straightforward without needing changes?

    is HAVP the culprit? I have tried adding stuff like "static.bbci.co.uk" to the whitelist but it makes no effect.

    What do i need to do?

    Many Thanks,

  • I seem to have solved my own issue by selecting transparent proxy mode under HAVP - not sure how i managed to do it right for squid but not for HAVP!

    Case closed I guess.

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