Ntop not working correctly/ subtitute

  • I've used the Ntop package since it has been avialable, infact it was the reason I installed pf to start with,  so I could keep track of all my flatemates and find out who was using all our bandwidth and data cap.

    The problem is somewhere around version .9x some changes were made and it no longer displays the information I need.

    I can lookup the history of a host as far back as 12 hours - 1 year,  which is very useful because you can see a total data used per month etc and you could see where that traffic was being used.

    Anyway now when I access the history of one of the users on my LAN I get all the pretty little graphs but they don't have any TOTALS beside them like they always used to.  So the data is basically meaningless, it's next to impossible to calculate the data by reading the graphs.

    I have asked this before but never got a response,  has ANYONE since version .9x been able to display the graph totals beside the graphs, under historical data. ( I can lookup per session for the LAST session only and get numbers only if the session is still active).  If so what magic setting do I need to enable? I have honestly enabled them all many many many times over.

    Is there any alternative?  I just want to see data usuage mainly,  other Ntop features are nice but to me the most important part of the package is missing.

  • As I thought no one knows.

  • The package lacks a maintainer.  Want to adopt it?

  • I would if I knew what I was doing,  sadly I don't.  I was just looking for some confirmation.  Which I have gotten by the lack of posts :).