VPN question.

  • Not too long back I got excited over the idea of building a PFSense build. But then decided against it because I've got so many other builds I'm planning on.
    Anyway, now I'm downsizing everything, PFSense sounds like it could be a good idea again.
    But I have a quick question.
    I plan to have 1 PC solely for downloading and nothing else, and this is the only PC that I'd like to have connected to a VPN, and maybe my brothers Xbox for better Netflix. In PFSense is it possible to have certain PCs connect through your usual connection, and select one or two PCs to connect through a VPN? Or am I limited to one or the other?

  • What traffic goes over the VPN and what goes over the normal WAN is defined by the firewall rules. So if the criteria can be defined by firewall selection fields (IP address, protocol, ports and more) then it will work.
    Certainly what you describe is easy.

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