Ipv6 will not work with my setup or provider.

  • ipv6 will not work with my setup or provider.

    The way my provider does it is give an ipv6 address in the pppoe session.

    Next the router gets an ipv6 /56 prefix from ppp interface.

    Next the router advertises this /56 prefix to the lan side.

    Next the computer gives itself an ipv6 address via slaac.

    Next the computer gets an ipv6 dns adress via dhcp6.

    My consumer grade router from Asus will handle this just fine.

    The most trouble seems with my isp doing ipv6 prefix on ppp wrong,
    have to reboot the router until i get the /56 prefix.

    How could this be done wth pfSense?

    I currently fear there migth be no way of doing it with pfSense.

    Id really like to use pfSense if I can get the ipv4 voip and the ipv6 working.

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