Disk is full - DHCP stops working

  • Hello all,

    I fear this may be more of a linux question than PFSense. My web GUI is showing 100% disk usage. /var/squid was full but I have since cleaned it up so that it's down to around 50% but the disk still shows as full. The DHCP server stops working and gives the following error:

    kernel: pid 16494 (dhcpd), uid 1002 inumber 336754 on /: filesystem full

    Restarting the DHCP service will get it working for an hour or two before it stops working with the same error message.

    df -h:

    Filesystem     Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
    /dev/ad4s1a    2.6G    2.4G    2.2M   100%    /
    devfs          1.0K    1.0K      0B   100%    /dev
    /dev/md0       3.6M     54K    3.3M     2%    /var/run
    /dev/ad6s1      58G     28G     25G    53%    /var/squid
    devfs          1.0K    1.0K      0B   100%    /var/dhcpd/dev

    du -hd1:

    2.0K    ./.snap
     11M    ./boot
    1.2M    ./bin
     20K    ./conf.default
    3.0K    ./dev
    4.3M    ./etc
    4.0K    ./home
     16M    ./kernels
    242K    ./libexec
    6.5M    ./lib
     13M    ./root
    3.5M    ./sbin
    375M    ./usr
     30G    ./var
    842K    ./tmp
    2.0K    ./mnt
     11M    ./cf
    2.0K    ./tftpboot
    177M    ./opt
    2.0K    ./lost+found
     30G    .

    So my question: How can I begin to free up some space on /dev/ad4sla mounted on "/"? If that is indeed what needs to be done.  :-\

  • Here is my top level dir on a test system:

    $ du -hd1 /
    512B	/.snap
    868K	/bin
     16M	/boot
    2.4M	/cf
    6.5K	/conf.default
    3.0K	/dev
     38K	/dist
     14M	/etc
    4.5K	/home
    512B	/kernels
    7.7M	/lib
    270K	/libexec
    512B	/media
    512B	/mnt
    512B	/proc
    512B	/rescue
    5.1M	/root
    3.7M	/sbin
    512B	/scripts
    512B	/tank
    656K	/tmp
    169M	/usr
     25M	/var
    245M	/

    The last entry there is only 245M.
    Have you got some huge file/s in the "/" dir?

  • Okay I guess I got it figured out. In /var/lightsquid was a bunch of report files dating back 2+ years. I had removed the lightsquid package but the reports were still there taking up the space. Now down to ~25% disk use and no more write errors. ;D

    I guess I don't really understand the "filesystem/mounted on:" that is displayed when issuing df.

  • I guess I don't really understand the "filesystem/mounted on:" that is displayed when issuing df.

    "Filesystem" is the actual device that contains some dirs and files - an actual partition on a disk (these days "disk" means spinning disk, CF card, SD card, SSD or even memory-resident virtual-disk). That is physical space that can (and does) fill up.
    "Mounted on" is the place in the logical dir tree that the physical "disk" appears - e.g. partition "/dev/ad6s1" files are found in "/var/squid"

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