Does UE-200TX-G,LD-USB/TX work on PFSense?

  • Referring to FreeBSD NIC Corresponding list , I found it will work…? Anyway two NIC I got and plug-on j1900n-d3v mother board. so it seems to work (Recognized as nic , display 100Mbps/TX etc...and manually give Static Private IP Address on WebConfig) , but connecting to my note pc ,It looks like that send/recieve packet flow checked , it does'nt recognize USBNIC..."limited connect" displayed.

    so i will try other USB NIC or consider if somehow it work , depending on config...possiblity on later , please instruct me to these nic would work good.

    Even in awkward sentences, Thank you for reading

  • Netgate Administrator

    "Limited connection" on a Windows PC usually means that it has local connectivity only, no internet connection. Not necessarily a problem.
    Please post a screenshot of the Status: Interfaces: page.

    They are listed specifically on the axe(4) and aue(4) man pages so I would expect them to work at least to some extent.

    Since these are 10/100 NICs they may require a switch or cross-over cable if you are connecting directly.


  • Thanks for reply , Interfaces: page screenshot below:

    opt1 configuration is same to re1(but ip address is
    two notePC connect each port(re1,opt1),re1's connect is ok but opt1 is not connected.

    I am using M/B's GbE NICx2 , therefore probably enough already using cable or swich (100Mbps compatibled)…

    for the present , I post Interfaces page . waiting for reply.
    Even in awkward sentences, Thank you for reading.

  • After reply posting , i found "DHCP status" and somehow set DHCP configuration on ue0/opt1 port.
    Seccessflly connect opt1 , but new problem is up that internet connection failed.
    as it caused from FW settings , I try to copy re1 config to opt1 also , but at 80/443 port settings,
    "Queue" 's select only none , can't find asterisk mark.

    Probablly this problem will be solved naturally , but waiting for reply to solve it.
    Even in awkward sentences, Thank you for reading.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Ah, OK so it looks like the interface is working but, as you found, you need to set it up. Only the LAN interface is pre-configured.
    You need to enable a DHCP server if you want it on OPT1. It looks like you've done that.
    You need to put firewall rules in to allow out traffic. It looks like you're trying to do that.

    The * just means the default queue or no queue. You should not have to set that.

    In addition to 80 and 443 you will have to allow DNS traffic on port 53 or your clients on OPT1 will not be able to resolve URLs.


  • Thanks for reply, I arrived at FW settings and DNS rule set as UDP ( not TCP ) ,
    OPT1 do runs normally good (Internet connection is ok). so far I ever thought that i should buy the box NICx4 includes , but somehow , it seems not to get this. (looking is little not good…).

    I will try to set config other USB NIC at this pace.
    Thanks a lot for reply stephenw10.
    Even in awkward sentences, Thank you for reading.

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