Broken VIP's after Interface Changes

  • Hello,

    We have two identical 2x Dual-NIC firewalls setup with CARP and running the 2.1.3 (also tried 2.1.4 and 2.1.5) release.

    We had this issue now 4-5 times.  If we add or change interfaces (VPN , or new Vlan's) one (random?) VIP goes down. This VIP is usually the gateway address for the VLAN part.
    The Solution to this is to just Save the VIP again.

    Any Idea why/how this happens exactly ? and how to avoid?



  • I think I know what's causing that, if you're referring to Interfaces>assign. There was an edge case along those lines that's been fixed in 2.2. Could try your config on a test 2.2 install and see if you can replicate? I suspect not, but if so I'd like to look at it ASAP as we're nearing release candidate stage on 2.2.

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