Strange redirect rule

  • Hi,
    Recently my WebGUI stopped being accessible from outside through the wan even the fact that I have an explicit WAN rule allowing all traffic to pass on the wan for the WebGUI port. Here is the rule that I have :
    TCP/UDP * * * 9999 * none (9999 is the WebGUI port)

    When I log packets from this rule I see the packets coming being passed but not targeted to the pfSense box but rather to a different IP relative to an app server on my internal network.

    pfctl -sa shows me this line :
    rdr on pppoe0 inet proto tcp from any to -> 192.168.0.xx (this last IP is the one of the app server)

    Can someone please help me understand this behavior ?



  • What do you have for Firewall - NAT - Port Forward?

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