Allow clients to save Xauth passwords not working

  • Hi,

    Allow clients to save Xauth passwords option in IPsec Mobile configuration doesn't work on iOS 8.1 devices.

    Changing the value for option 28673 from "yes" to "1" in /etc/inc/ fixes this issue for me.

    Can someone check this on other devices ?


  • You are right i checked sources and the parser actually understands only numbers.
    Thank you for reporting this.

    There was a ticket open for this as well,

  • laurpaum: does that definitely fix it for you? It doesn't seem to make any difference for me using the Windows Cisco IPsec client. With 2.1.5, it does show the "save password" box. It never does with 2.2.

  • The issue is fixed for me (iphone VPN client, RSA+xauth). Before the fix, the phone kept asking me for the password despite I entered it in the VPN configuration. After the upgrade, I had to put it back in the configuration and it won't ask anymore.

  • laurpaum - can you share some sanitized screenshots of your config.  I wrestled  with this and finally gave up and went to OpenVPN.  Could not get 2.2 and iOS 8.1 to work…  :(

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