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  • Hello all and thank you for reading this post. If this question has been answered before then I'm sorry.

    My question is that I need help into building a router which supports max speed downloads through OPENVPN.I currently have a ASUS N66U and maximum download speeds I'm getting is 2mbps.I'm with Virgin Media 152mb fibre optic.

    Thanks for you're help


  • when using any kind of good encryption on your vpn, you will need some horsepower to do the math.  (or a dedicated crypto-board)

    i think you should move this topic to the openvpn section of the board and ask around what others use for those kinds of speeds.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, and if you want to run anything else, like Squid or Snort, you'll need further processing power.
    To give you some idea an Atom D510 is capable of pushing ~50Mbps of encrypted traffic with no other packages running.


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