Quick IPSec problem

  • I have an urgent IPSec VPN question based on IPSec VPN configured in pfSense 2.1.3.  I have the following problem.  Despite how I have my peer identifier configured, I must have a Pre-Shared key defined for my Client IP address in the pre-shared keys tab or else I'm not able to connect using ShrewSoft VPN client on Windows.  I would like to define a key based on a pfSense Group name and use that an the identifier in ShrewSoft to connect.

    Any ideas?  I'm sure it's a simple fix.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Without knowing exactly how your IPsec Phase 1 is configured it's impossible to offer any advice. Please show your current mobile and phase 1 settings (you can redact/hide the keys of course)

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