Dell iDRAC disabled on pfSense

  • I have a couple of R210s that I'm setting up as core firewalls.  They have the DRAC-Express on them which can be configured to "share" one of the on-board Ethernet ports.  My hardware configuration has a 4-port Broadcom NIC plus the 2 on-board ports.

    My pfSense configuration uses all 4 of the ports on the 4-port NIC, plus the #2 on-board port.  I DO NOT have the on-board port #1 assigned in pfSense.  I have on-board port #1 configured to be used by the DRAC in the BIOS.  I have access to the DRAC until part way through the boot process at which point the DRAC goes offline.  I suspect this is because some initialization being done by BSD or pfSense.

    Does anybody have any ideas as to how to configure pfSense (or BSD) to NOT reset this one port?

    I also contemplated disabling the on-board NIC to the OS, but the only option in BIOS is to disable both on-board NICs.  This causes the DRAC to continue to be available, but it disables on-board port #2 also, which I need available to pfSense.

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