Multiwan cable+dsl failover not working

  • Hi

    I followed the Multi WAN pfsense doc and got the Multi WAN to work.
    My primary WAN connection is CABLE (set up as Tier1 with monitor IP) and secondary is DSL. (set up as Tier2 with monitor IP) all bundled into FAILOVER Gateway Group with Member Down as the Trigger (so i don't load balance the WANs)

    In a testing stage I pulled the Primary WAN cable out and it switched over to DSL just fine by checking if there was Internet Connectivity as well as my public IP change. The I reinserted it back and it switched back to WAN1 (CABLE) just fine.

    However the DSL Gateway shows offline but i can ping any external site using my DSL as source address so the DSL internet connection is fine.

    Any ideas on how to go about this issue ?

    ive asked this question before but none of the solutions worked (upgrade). im on 2.1.5 and the problem still persists.

    Thank you


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