Port Fwding on DUAL WAN issue

  • I have read http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,6630.0.html

    I have 2 internet connections going into my pfsense box,
    WAN - Cable modem which provides an external IP address
    OPT1 - DSL router which provides a address
    LAN -

    My PC ip is and has a ventrilo server running on it which I want available on both WAN Ips.  All PCs on the LAN can connect to the server on that ip and port

    I set up firewall rules and Firewall NAT settings to this effect on pfsense

    Interface - WAN
    external port - 3784
    internal port - 3784
    Internal IP -

    On OPT1 I set up the IP given to pfsense by the router ( as the DMZ

    pfsense settings
    Interface OPT1
    external port - 3784
    internal port -3784
    Internal port -

    I even tried using an external port of 443 which I know is not blocked by my ISP with no luck.  I viewed the firewall logs and saw no blocked data on either WAN interface.

    I am certain I am missing a step or overlooking something, please advise.

  • What exactly doesn't work? incoming traffic at wan or at opt1 or are both not working? Try to set the "log" option for your rules. and initiate traffic coming in on opt1 and wan and check your firewall logs. If you see green pass icons for the traffic it means the traffic went through. Also check diagnostics>states (use the filter option with the IP of the server that you forward to "") while doing the connection attempts. If you see states there it's not a problem of the firewall or your portforwards. Btw, I run a mailserver that is reachable at 3 WANs at the office to make it available even if one of the WANs is down (3 MX entries for my domain with the public IPs of all WANs). Works without issues.

  • I'm using the diagnostic information to aid with my problem.
    Viewing the firewall log alone I was able to identify a firewall rule which resulted in a block.  I will keep at it and keep the thread updated.

    BTW is it necessary that I reset the state table each time I do changes to the routes and firewall?

  • Reset states is only needed if you are adding a block rule and you have the suspicion that some connections might already be established that you want to be dropped.

    Btw, if you click on the block icon in front of the line of the firewalllog you will get a notification which rule triggered this block ;)

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