Driver Package

  • I would love to see a user friendly interface, with drop down menus and browse to file option, to locate and install "3rd party" drivers for pf sense.  What a time sink to get drivers outside of the pfsense bundle working.

  • There generally are no drivers that will work outside of what we include. Most always, you wouldn't want to change anyway. Making it easy would be worse yet, button pushers would start screwing around with who knows what they found where and virtually always put themselves in a worse situation.

    You have a situation where you need a different driver? What and why?

  • Qualcom aethros ar81x is just one instance, the forum is riddled with these issues and compile your own fix for it.

  • Another would be the Marvell msk and sk NIC drivers, the leds do not work correctly with the included drivers. See link -

  • None of those reports are relevant to 2.2, those are all in reference to 2.1.x or older versions which have a much older base OS. 2.2 is fully up to date with FreeBSD and we'll be able to stay more current with FreeBSD going forward, which will eliminate most all of those issues. For the rare edge cases that may remain, it's not hard to drop in a kernel module and kldload it. The hard part is applying the relevant patches and building it, which isn't something you want to or can do on pfSense, you have to setup a stock FreeBSD system that has the build tools to do so.

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