AutoConfigBackup - Do not overwrite previous backups for this hostname

  • When doing a manual backup, there is a checkbox for:

    Do not overwrite previous backups for this hostname

    But with or without checking the box the Restore tab still lists all config backups - both manual ones and automatic ones from config changing at the webGUI.
    What is that checkbox supposed to do?
    Is it some old "feature" and could be removed nowadays?

    Actually I would like an easy way to delete a whole bunch of old configs, cleaning up the list - e.g. being able to delete all the automatic ones and just leave the manual ones. Then I could do a manual config backup at important points, and every now and then clean out all the automatic ones easily. Or even better, be able to tell AutoConfigBackup how many automatic and how many manual backups to keep - that way the automatic ones are there for a real-time disaster, and the manual ones keep history of major changes as the network admin wishes.

    At the moment, deletes have to be done tediously 1-by-1, so it never happens.

  • Bug report for "Do not overwrite previous backups for this hostname" checkbox:

    Feature request to differentiate automatic and manual backups:

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