Carp on IPv6 - Temporarily Disable CARP won't work

  • Hello,

    i've had two Server with the latest 2.2 Version. I've added "High Availability Sync" and two Carp-Interfaces. One IPv4 IF - One IPv6. If i set on the Master the Persistent-Mode the Floating IP Adress will we transfered to the secord server. This is working great.
    But if i disable Carp with "Temporarily Disable CARP" the V6 Interface stays up - the V4 is going down. The State of the Master-Server is "Disabled" for both IFs. In the Slave-Server the State is für the IPv4-Adress on Master and on IPv6 on Slave.
    This should be a Bug?

    Kind regards,


  • Thank you for reporting.
    Fixed for newer snapshots.

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